“Attention: Writers, Consultants, Speakers,
Professionals and Entrepreneurs”

Are you Prepared to Learn the Exact Steps I’ve Used to Leverage My Books into Not Only National Media Exposure (O Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Child Magazine,Forbes.com, The Washington Post, Glamour, Family Circle and RedBook within the last few months; my Fifth Book is Now Becoming a PBS Special), But Also… Into Increasing my Consulting Fees from $25 an hour to well over $350 an hour?

“I’ll show you how you can


All you need to know is how to READ and WRITE simple English.”

“Brand & Pitch
Book Camp” ™

Get your book BOUGHT and PUBLISHED and earn an Extra $2K – $15K more a Month, Every Month

I’ve Done It, and You Can Too.
And now I’m Spilling ALL My Secrets,


Step by Step, at My Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™

Starts January 28, 2010 and culminating for 2 days LIVE in New York at the Book Expo

(5-month program)

From: Ruth Klein, Santa Monica , Calif. , USA
Tuesday, 8:15am


Dear Friend,


Are you a writer, consultant, coach, lawyer, doctor, realtor, speaker, or other professional or entrepreneur who…


Would like to get your book bought and published?
Would like to meet literary agents and publishers from large publishing houses?
Are you overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to write a book, an e-book , record CD’s, produce DVDs or just procrastinating on finishing your book and promoting it?
Would you like to create books, ebooks, multi-media e-books, audio CDs, and DVDs — for continual passive income and higher brand awareness?
Would like to work with fewer (and better) clients while making even MORE money?  Becoming an author allows you to take this business option.
Have you ever wished you had a real-life mentor to guide you?


…A mentor who actually IS getting books published, who has two books in the book stores right now, one of which will be developed as a PBS Special and who is selling information products online?


Someone who is a full-time Branding and Productivity Coach and Author of six books, who truly understands where you’re at and what you’re trying to do?


Then I’m ready to help YOU this Winter on January 28, 2010.

My books have been translated into several foreign languages and two books are in the bookstores TODAY and my Time Management Secrets book will become a PBS Special!

I receive national media exposure, credibility in my field, reinforcement of my business brand and sell thousands of dollars of books while my consulting fees keep going up.

“I’m Ready to Teach You My Complete System,
Step by Step”

It took me years and years of spending more money and energy than I would care to share with you right now. But, after all of the time, money and effort, I have created a system that works and I am confident it will work for you as well.


If only I had known before I started writing my first book or even just before the book was published all the secrets I needed to do – not only to create credibility in my field but also to get paid handsomely for my ideas and words.


I also learned a very big lesson…promoting and marketing a book is very different than other types of marketing. And online marketing is a new marketing game all by itself!


For example, I will show you how to:


z Write a  winning book proposal so that literary agents want to represent you and publishers want to buy your book and your book brand.
sz Pitch your book brand and book to several literary agents and publishers.
zf Create a strong and focused book and business brand that sells books and increases your income.
sf Create multi-media ebooks.


Now, I’ve GOT it. I’ve got this all down to a COMPLETE SYSTEM that I want to pass on to those who want the same success.


In fact, I’m going to give you a complete ACTION GUIDE to writing a Winning Book Proposal, finishing and promoting your book proposal. 

It’s all at my…

“Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™

Starts January 28, 2010
and culminating for 2 days LIVE in New York at the Book Expo (5-month program).

I would like to tell you what the “Brand
and Pitch Book Camp” ™
is NOT…

This is NOT another seminar where you pay thousands of dollars to hear dozens of speakers talk about topics all over the board, barely scratch the surface on what they should teach, and then sell you all kinds of information and products.


This is a true HANDS-ON Book Camp, geared ONLY toward authors, consultants, coaches, speakers and professionals to create and focus on your business brand and book brand in a top-notch book proposal over a five-month period.


You’ll learn how I’ve sold all of my books with only a book proposal. I want to teach you the winning book proposal success formula for getting your book bought.


I’ll introduce you to several literary agents and show you how to “work” the largest Book Expo in North America which will be in NY May 2010.


I’ll show you how to leverage your knowledge and words, create a successful and winning book proposal, create multi-media ebooks and create a following for your book before it is written!!


…TEACH you how I wrote six books, created and recorded countless CD’s and other information products.


“Would you like to know EXACTLY how I’ve achieved this dream lifestyle business?”



I SHIFTED from just wanting to share my good ideas and case studies to one that leverages my KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTISE and BRAND – not my time.


A business model that does not drain me, but instead MOTIVATES me, HELPS thousands more people, brings in much more PROFIT.


The KEY to this shift was discovering my Book Brand and then leverage my ideas and knowledge using Online and Offline Marketing and Promotional Strategies as well as creating a Time Management and Productivity Plan.  But it wasn’t that simple to figure out, actually…


You see, when I was searching for it, no one was teaching this complete system!

Over the last seventeen years I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours figuring out a system that I used and continue to use to:


z Market my name and strategically brand my name and business all over the Internet to get known as the unequivocal expert in my industry.
sz Get hundreds of unique monthly visitors to my website who are prequalified.
zf Build an email list of over 7,000 ideal prospects and customers who buy my services and products on a regular basis.
sf Charge MUCH more than my competitors… and easily get it.
sf Increase my price points and work with only a handful of fun clients.
sf Sell a winning book proposal to an agent or a publisher and THEN write the book once it’s bought and you have your advance in your hand.

Now, I’ve GOT it. I’ve got this all down to a COMPLETE SYSTEM that works!

And why do I want to share it?


Because I see talented, but struggling writers and other professionals everyday who are getting more frustrated and overwhelmed without reaching their goals. Let’s face it, why do you think I went into Psychology? I have this need to help others become happier – reach their goals and work through blockages.




I knew I needed to get my Master’s in Clinical Psychology in
order to do that – so I did. My interest and passion in psychology has come in handy over the years. It helps me focus on why people buy, why people say “no,” and now, the psychology of writing and selling books.


The TRUTH: no matter if you have your book published by a publishing house or you self-publish…you must know from the get-go your Book Brand and the purpose and marketing strategies for your book  — ones that work for YOUR type of book and business

PLUS, you need a winning book proposal with a dynamite marketing plan, compelling book comparisons, and sooo much more.

I’ve noticed over my past several years of research that there are many people teaching writers and other professionals who are great at teaching people SINGLE PARTS of this system, but NO ONE ever really “connects all the dots” for people.

They teach you TACTICS, not strategies… never “the big picture”.


And MOST IMPORTANTLY, you need a system that’s designed for the type of book you’ll be writing.


and new marketing strategies need to be used.

Your reputation is on the line, you want to maintain a professional image, and you want to be perceived as an expert and thought leader in what you do.


“So when it comes to making money with your books, e-books, CDs and DVDs for coaches, consultants, authors,speakers, professionals and entrepreneurs, you need 3 things:

1. the right personal and book branding — one that gets you above the competition

2. the right marketing strategies — ones that work for YOUR type of book (and business) and excites agents and publishers

3. the right system — one that’s simple, PROVEN, and easy to follow


And this is EXACTLY what I’ll be revealing at my…

“Brand & Pitch
Book Camp” ™

Thursday, January 28, 2010 and culminating for 2 days
LIVE in New York at the Book Expo (5-month program).

You’ll discover these 3 secrets to transforming your current knowledge and expertise into books, e-books, teleseminars, CDs and DVDs that gives you much more money, time, freedom, and fun 

Converting your time into an organized time system that allows you to spend quality time writing your winning book proposal and creating a strong platform while you continue to run your business.
sz Leveraging your current knowledge and expertise into books and other  information products that will sell themselves on your website 24-7…even while you sleep, travel, or vacation!
zf Putting these together in my organized, proprietary System that will allow you to Brand Your Book and Market Your Information while you maintain, double, or even *TRIPLE* your current income!



Ann Doyle

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“You’ll Receive with My “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™ a CLEAR,
You Can Use Immediately to Begin Focusing on a strong Book Brand, Winning Book Proposal and
Making Money with Your Ideas & Knowledge – Guaranteed

I’m giving you my entire system that I use, teaching you everything you need to know in turning your ideas and expertise into a winnning book proposal that is bought and published with the “big” boys.

Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll learn during our five months together:

1. Creating Your Personal Brand that will make you the Expert

Millions of dollars are paid to people who have created their Personal Branding. Personal Brands are very attractive to sponsors and advertisers, in addition to your clients. Branding clearly defines who you are to the sponsors, advertisers and buyers of your book and other information products.

2. “How to write a Winning Book Proposal that gets your book bought by a Publisher or accepted by a literary agent.

I know that you may be thinking about writing your book, trying to finish it or… where to go to publish your book, how to find an agent or publisher or wondering what to do with your published book right now. We’ll address all these questions and so much more in the Book Camp ™. In fact, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your Book Brand to several successful literary agents (including my agent) and publishers at the BEA Convention in New York.


I’ll be there to show you how to “work” one of the most important book events for your writing career.


If you already already have a published book, I’ll show you how to write and extended query letter with all the marketing information you’ll need to get your book bought.


At my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™, you’ll discover:


z The organizing method that gets your book written, completed or promoted within 120 days. When you see it you’ll think ‘why didn’t I think of that?’
sz How to tell if your book title has sizzle and if other’s will buy it.
zf What NOT to do when you’re writing and working on your information products.
zf Am I getting referrals?
zf Am I attracting new subscribers?
zf And am I converting traffic and subscribers into clients?

3. “How to make-over your WEBSITE so that your books and information products actually MAKE YOU MONEY

You may have spent thousands of dollars on creating your website and how it looks. But the real question you have to ask yourself is, “Am I selling?”


At my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™, you’ll discover:


z What you absolutely need on your website for search engine optimization
sz How to tell if your web designer is charging too much or knows what they’re doing! (Many “web designers” have no idea how to bring in traffic or sales).
zf How to make it super easy for visitors to find what they want and BUY NOW.


Art Samson

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4. “How to use EMAIL to market and sell to thousands of people at a time

STOP marketing one-to-one, and START thinking in terms of marketing to hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people.


At my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™, you’ll discover:


z How to publish a blog or an ezine that brings you new clients and sales.
sz Which software and e-commerce systems I use and recommend
zf How to pre-plan your ezine marketing campaigns — up to one year in advance!
zf How to get past those annoying spam filters
zf How to make sure your emails are actually getting delivered
zf You have full permission to copy what’s worked for me!


Elizabeth Andes-Bell

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Katana Abbott

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“Ruth, you have a gift for motivating people and getting people focused.”

Mike Rotenberg, Marketing Research

  • Plus you have five months to pay!!

Yes, I’d like to make the investment now! Click HERE to pay at the Early Bird Low price of $3997.00 (a $500.00 savings off the regular price of $4497.00) for the Brand & Pitch 2010 Book Camp.

I am also offering an easy payment plan option. Your investment is just


$1,000 for four months!
Click here to get started.

5. How to Tell Your Story in a Sales Letter that sells your services and products FOR you…

Writing good copy is a very important skill that has helped me in marketing my products and services. You see, it’s your STORY that sells your products and services.


At my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™, you’ll discover:


z The EASY FORMULA to writing your story and then turning it into a powerful sales letter that SELLS for you!
sz The anatomy of a sales letter…5 parts
zf 2 great sources for writing successful headlines.


6. “The Author’s Marketing Touchstone Plan

Rather than reinvent the wheel each time you want to market one of your information products, you can create the “Author’s Marketing Touchstone System” ™ that enables you to get the most bang from your time, effort and money.


At my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™; you’ll discover…


z What you ALWAYS want to do when planning your book tour.
sz How to get the media to contact you whenever you’re in their city or whenever they need information on your topic.
zf Why most book signings are a waste of time.
zf The three touchstones you must know for every media interview.


7. “14 Inexpensive Strategies to MARKET & PROMOTE Your Book

You can certainly use a PR firm for $4,000 to $12,000 a month, or you can use the promotional tool box that I have created for authors, consultants, speakers, professionals and entrepreneurs. I’m going to show you my PR secrets that work. Just in case you don’t know, either I or my clients have been on Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Wall Street Journal, Woman’s Day Magazine, CNBC , Online media and scores of other media outlets. Plus, O Magazine, Reader’s Digest and Child Magazine have interviewed me.


At my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™, you’ll discover…


z What you need to know about blogs and e-newsletters to bring traffic to them
sz How to develop Tele-seminars that can bring in thousands of dollars within a weekend with your book ideas.
zf How to get articles in directories and linked to popular websites.


8. “Turn Procrastination & Other Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones

I’m always asking my clients, “why wait?” I know, there are a variety of reasons as to why we wait to start or do something, but you can say “good-bye” to those thoughts. These ideas will be useful in your core business as well as any project you need to start or complete.


At my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™, you’ll discover…


z How to get past procrastination and writer’s block
sz Learn to overcome your own skepticism and resistance
zf Stop writer’s block cold in its tracks with these top 6 proven focus strategies
zf A clear, focused action plan that fits into your lifestyle and personality.
zf Primary psychological principles for de-cluttering your mind and space.


9. “Turn Your Schedule into an Action Plan

Now that you have all of this valuable information, what are you going to do with it? When are you going to start working on your new game plan? What do you do if you get stuck? By the time you leave the Book Camp ™, you will have created your own tailored-made work and action schedule.


At my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™ you’ll discover…


z How to move forward on your tailored Action Plan
sz How to use your time check list
zf What your Internet sales cycle is, and how to set it up to work FOR you, 24-7.


Last but not least, I’ll show you how to put all this together into a system that works over and over, and grows more and more profitable.


At my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™, you’ll discover:


z How to raise your rates so you can work less and make more… with fewer clients, and only ones you LOVE.
sz Secrets to delegating and systematizing your business so you ONLY do the things you love, and don’t have to do ANY work that you don’t enjoy.
zf How to stay focused, motivated, and organized during this exciting transition and beyond.
zf My personal tips for enjoying your new freedom-based lifestyle and income while keeping a good portion of the money you make.


“Ruth, thank you for helping me create my book title and several book chapters within 45 minutes of our first consultation.”

Carolyn Temple, CEO
The Foundation for Medical Care of Kern & Santa Barbara counties

President, HealthEdge Administrators, Inc.

Plus, Don’t Miss Out on THIS…

BONUS SESSION: I’ll Reveal My NEW Secret Info-Packed Strategy That’s Going to Make Me an EXTRA $100,000 in 2010!

“Okay Ruth, Sounds Great. What’s My Investment to Be Handed Your Complete System for Gaining the Money, Time, Freedom, and Fun I’m Craving for My Books, Information Products and Business?”

Because I’m going to spend five months coaching you and two full days LIVE in New York with you, and I’m limiting this event to only 15 people, and it’s a true hands-on “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™ where you get to make progress, complete exercises, integrate this plan with YOUR ideas and books, meet literary agents and publishers, and ask me questions right on the spot, I’m sure you can guess I’m NOT giving this away!


When I told my million dollar internet marketing mentor what I was offering and how much my attendees would get, he said I could get away with charging as much as $12,000.00 for a PRIVATE, HANDS-ON Book Camp ™ like this. But I thought that would price-out many of the people who actually NEED and WANT my help. So admission to my January 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™ is only $4497.


For those of you who know me, I am very action and results-oriented and that is what I expect from the people I teach…the ones who ACT are the ones who DO – it’s that simple!


I’ll even let you make  MONTHLY PAYMENTS 


Yes, I’d like to make the investment now, Click HERE to pay at the Early Bird Low price of $3997.00 (a $500.00 savings off the regular price of $4497.00) for the Brand & Pitch 2010 Book Camp.

The Time to Stop Procrastinating is NOW.

The Time to Achieve Your Goals is NOW.

I’m here to guide you STEP-BY-STEP with a proven system that has worked for me and will work for you.


And get this…

I’ll even let you make EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS 


Let me give you a great piece of advice that I learned from a very successful friend a long time ago, “When you are considering an opportunity, don’t look at what it costs. Look at what it’s WORTH to you.”


That’s VERY sound advice!


I can tell you the strategies you’ll learn at this 5-month program culminating in pitching your FOCUSED book brand and WELL-WRITTEN book proposal to literary agents and publishers at the Book Expo in New York.

You’ll meet me and your fellow attendees in New York at the Book Expo where I will offer you Media Training…no extra cost (this would normally cost over $1,000!). Once you become a client of mine you receive all sorts of extra perks and you have access to me from here on out…

Great set up for inspiration and learning.

Plus, get a load of what else is in store for my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™ attendees…




BONUS #1: (Value: $2497)

(Only for participants that register BY November 25, 2009 at midnight)

My Complete “Brand & Pitch Book Camp”™ in a Box

I’m having the 5-month program recorded, because as soon as it’s over, I am creating a complete HOME STUDY VERSION. It will include the complete, unedited audio CDs recorded during the program. This will be an invaluable resource for you to not only review what we did in the program, but you can pass on this home study version to your assistant, web designer, or whomever else helps you in your business.


After the program, the course will sell for up to $3997. But if you’re one of the FIRST PEOPLE who sign up for my “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™ by midnight November 25, 2009, you will get it for FREE.



BONUS #2: (Value: $875)

30 Minute Private Consultations

You will receive five 30-minute private consultations with me during the length of the program.


BONUS #3: (Value: $1200)

Audio and Video Clips

Audio and Video clips to be used on your website, social networking, etc.


BONUS #4: (Value: $500)

Material for Social Networking Sites

Help you identify and create material for two social networking sites in your niche area.


BONUS #5: (Value: $350)


I’ll help you create your branded blog that will get you the most credibility and clients.


BONUS #6: (Value: $500)

Help you create two products besides your book.

I’ll walk you through step-by-step in creating an eBook, a multi-media eBook, Home Study Program, Individual modules, video program and soooo much more.


When you attend the Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book
Camp” ™
, you’ll meet a variety of other folks from assorted industries and assorted levels. Some of these people already have websites and information products. Some have a website but are still working with clients full time. And then some, arrive to my Book Camp with only a dream! That’s fine with me.


You see, if you’re a beginner, you’re in a very sweet spot! It’s actually BETTER that you attend this program BEFORE you launch or write this book. This way you don’t waste money or time on strategies that won’t work, you will learn from someone who has a PROVEN system you can model, and you will learn the SIMPLE and FAST ways to do things.


If you’re still undecided about making this investment in yourself


But if you’re STILL skeptical, I understand. That’s why I’m putting my tush on the line by offering an OUTRAGEOUS personal guarantee…


My Personal “Make-You-Happy, More-Than-Your-Money-Back, All-the-Risk-Is-On-ME” Guarantee:

Attend My “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™ at No Risk! It’s Got to Be the Best Event You’ve Ever Attended to Learn How to Write a Winning Book Proposal or I’ll Pay You Your Money Back, PLUS$100.00 for Your Trouble.

Go ahead, register and attend the first month of my “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™ at NO RISK whatsoever. If for any reason, by the end of the first month you honestly feel I did not deliver on the information promised, just ask for a full 100% refund. I’ll be happy to refund your money. You see, I want your success more than your money!


I’m THAT confident that nothing out there comes CLOSE to the quality of my “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™ and the amazing, step-by-step information you’re going to learn.


In fact, if you do feel I’ve wasted your time, I’ll even give you $100.00 out of my own pocket for your trouble, paid by check within 30 days after the first month.


This “make you happy” guarantee is my way of taking ANY worry off your shoulders about making this important decision.


“Ruth, you have a wonderful knack for bringing out my “story” and helping me to arrange my expertise and thoughts into a format that inspires and keeps me on task.”


Joanna Fava


Are You Ready to STEP UP and Claim One of a Select number of seats at my Winter 2010 “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™

Yes Ruth, I’m ready to FINALLY learn how to turn my words, knowledge, expertise and intellectual assets into a strong book proposal and other information products using your step-by-step system and pitch my book brand and book proposal to agents and publishers.

I am also offering an easy payment plan option. Your investment is just

$1,000 for four months!

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I understand I’ll be one of only a select group of attendees at your hands-on 5-month “Brand & Pitch Book Camp” ™ culminating May 2010 Pitching my book to literary agents and publishers.


z I’ll receive five 30-minute private consultations with you during the 5-month program.
sz You will help me create a 30-second or 60-second audio and video clip to use on my website or blog, etc.
zf I’ll have presence on two social networking sites with niche-created material.
zf I will get help on making sure my blog is focused on my Brand that will help attract clients.
zf You will help me strategize on creating two products besides my book.


Yes, I’d like to make the investment now! Click HERE to pay at the Early Bird Low price of $3997.00 (a $500.00 savings off the regular price of $4497.00) for the Brand & Pitch 2010 Book Camp.