Procrastination No More!


“Let Me
Show You Step-by-Step How to

Break Out
of Procrastination Once and For All!

though I find that I get a lot done most days, I haven’t been
up-to-speed on
getting everything done that I’ve wanted to…I’ve put them off for a
variety of excuses…I mean reasons. Now, I am going to take you through
the EXACT PROGRAM that I have created for myself that will help bust
you into incredible action…. and also put you into A MIRACLE FIELD.
You know… the place where you begin to flow!

From: Ruth Klein
Tuesday, 8:15 am

Dear Fellow Procrastinator,

know how much anxiety, frustration and overall stress it is to “think”
about getting stuff done and not “doing” what you need to do. Plus, I
have been studying Procrastination for some time now, as I work with
clients to help guide them through their stagnant blockages.

you’re like most entrepreneurs, authors and professionals, you feel
overwhelmed with everything you have to do in a day…and, when it’s not
done, things start to pile up. The emails keep coming; letters need to
go out; you need to connect and reconnect with clients, you need to
start something…and the list
goes on.

Even if
you’re lucky enough to catch up, you quickly go into overwhelm and
procrastination the next week.

By the time it takes you to read your email inbox, a portion
of your day is gone and then, you start to feel the anxiety mounting
caused by “time stress” and trying to beat the clock with everything
you have to do.

If you’re finding that you’re ready to eliminate
that level of stress caused by Procrastination and overwhelm, keep
reading. For those of you who enjoy the stress that Procrastination
brings, then read this letter later.

Well, I’m here to tell you…

Doesn’t Have to Be That Way!

fact is that there is help available to you now…regardless of the
reason that is holding you back… and causing you to Self-Sabotage

The Net Result of
Procrastination is Always Self-Sabotage!

a much better way!

have to tell you how I stumbled upon this program. I
was having a “sad” Sunday. I am so grateful for my blessings and I
often thank my Higher Power for all of them…at least the ones I’m aware
of. Something came over me that said if you’re
really grateful for your blessings, then show it! Show it? Yes, show
that you’re grateful for your blessings by taking more action and
letting go of any sense of doubt or negative thinking …become a
clear vessel of focus and think of all the ways you can help others in

Next thing I knew, I decided to make a personal commitment and
show my appreciation for 40 days and 40 nights. And
now, I’m living in the Miracle Field. At the very beginning I shared
this program with a client and dear friend and she is experiencing the
Miracle Field as well…in her business, with herself, with her husband,
and with her child.

So, there you have it in a nutshell…my take on the Law of Abundance…or
Living in the Miracle Field!

this sounds exciting and something you would like to experience for
yourself – you can hear about the ten reasons I’ve
identified that cause us to Procrastinate and how to pull through it
effortlessly and without stress.

  • Advantage #1: You will earn
    more money because you’re focused on the important things you have to
    do each day.

  • Advantage #2: You will easily
    create ideas and have the time to follow-up on them.

  • Advantage #3: You will see
    more profits in your business (including more writing for writers).

  • Advantage #4: Less anxiety,
    stress and frustration in your day.

  • Advantage #5: More energy all
    day long.

  • Advantage #6: You will be
    much more creative and your business profits will reinforce you.

  • Advantage #7: You will spend
    your days in a better and happier
    mood, thus enjoying your different relationships more.

  • Advantage #8: You will have
    focused direction every day.

    Proof That
I Really Do “Walk The Talk”

Just like you, I have a lot on my plate…

  • I have a thriving business
    with a lot of zeros at the end of my yearly income
  • I own and manage over
    twenty-five rentals
  • I’m president of a non-profit
    organization for children and young
    adults and our program is in three high schools and we’ve “touched”
    over 1,000 young lives in ten years
  • I’ve written six books and am
    working on another one
  • I Host Parlor Salons at my
    home promoting performing artists, poets and authors
  • I’m working on several eBooks
  • I create and
    facilitate three-day retreats monthly
  • I speak nationally
  • I am almost always in the
    creative mode…helps my clients and me!
  • I work out with a fitness guru
    (my adorable younger son)
  • I entertain family and friends
  • I spend quality time with
    friends and family
  • I knit
  • I play piano
  • I take singing lessons
  • I take dancing lessons
  • I keep an eye on my 87 year
    old dad and….
  • Yes, I
    actually sleep!

Oh…and I prepare home-cooked meals much more than I go out.

those of you who have children, sorry…can’t blame them for non-action
or procrastination…putting things off. I did all of the items above
for three when my three children were living at home.

You want to know which three I wasn’t doing? Knitting, Parlor Salons
and Monthly 3-day Retreats.

not telling you this to impress you, but impress upon you
procrastination begets more procrastination and action begets more
action…which one would you like to incorporate in your life on a
consistent basis?

a Small Sample of the Varied Industries of My Successful Clients



 Money Manager


 Child Development

 B2B Training



 Natural Medicine

 Business Coaches




 Real Estate

 Yoga Instructors

 Marketing Professionals


 And many more…

good am I at producing results?
I’ve helped my clients
move into High Octane Action and exceed their goals and expectations…

•    Helped one law firm bring in new
business worth over a million dollars within twelve months

•    Helped a financial advisor to the point
where she was too busy to see me

•    Helped raise funds for a non-profit
organization right after Sept. 11, 2001 to the tune of $130,000

 Helped my clients find agents and publishers after
completing  their Winning Book Proposals

 Helped clients get past blockages that they weren’t able to
through for years… and in many cases decades!

•    Helped a first-time fiction writer find
four publishers that were interested in her book

•    Helped authors reach best-selling
status and sell thousands of books

•    Helped clients find more time in their
day, lessened their daily stress and increased their bottom line by lots.

*    Given clients ideas that have turned into
$100,000 or more.

Are a Few Comments From Clients

about maximizing my time!
You gave me so many ideas on the potential of
what I can actually do so THANK YOU!!! Your ideas today are worth over
$100,000 for me this year!!.”


~Emma Tiebens
The Relational Marketer

“As you know and I am just

you do is life-changing.”


platinum album lyricist
and spoken word performer

“Ruth: Just a quick message to let
you know how enjoyable our coaching classes
are.  You take the time to answer our individual questions and
handle our collective digressions with ease.  I feel so much
confident in my own understanding of this incredible undertaking I have
begun.  Through your help instead of being ruled by
and fearful thoughts, my stance is taking hold of what has belonged to
me from the start. I look forward to this week’s compilation
me to complete and you to puruse. 
Grazie Ruth.
Tanti baci e abbracci, (lots of kisses and hugs).” 


~Ellen Sherwood
La Piu Bella Tavola
Italian Specialty Catering, Glorious Table Presentations

Klein is totally invested in the progress and outcome of each
individual, she is totally committed to being on task and getting to
the heart of the issue- bringing great clarity and focus to the work at
hand. Her nurturing demeanor and crackerjack brain promote quantum
evolution in yourself, your limitless belief system and your brand.
Ruth is a GEM!”


~ Callie Duritsa

you for the insightful, practical and effective tools you’ve given me
to enhance my loan business and my life. The time blocking and
time-utilization ideas have been incredible. I’ve been buried in
business as a result of the many ideas you helped me put into place.
happy problem, to be sure!”


~Dottie Jakobsen,
Home Mortgage Consultant, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

More Comments From Clients…

impresses me most about your coaching program is its innate simplicity,
allowing a busy professional to garner new organizational skills while
actually gaining time and productivity, not losing it. I will be using
your simple tools from now on.”

~Jerry Lee, Vice President, Programming & Partnerships, Valley
Public Television

“Ruth, you have a gift for
motivating people and getting people focused.”

~Mike Rotenberg, Marketing Research

wish you continued success at helping working women find peace and
structure! You are GREAT, fabulous, amazing and spectacular!!! You have
changed the course of my life and helped me tremendously!”

~Jodi Collins

is no greater gift in life than to help someone transform and come
alive, feel their joy and live their passion that they have longed to
unfurl.  This is what you do!  Thank you, Ruth, for
me identify my treasures and continue to discover all of me. I am
beginning to shine my light.”

~Jude Weber, Santa Monica, CA

“You are
truly a gift from God in my life!”

~Reverand Andrea Waters

great thing about my Procrastination NO MORE! Home Study Program is it can be done
easily and in less than six weeks…

me and my clients….join us instead!

me show you how to convert procrastination to action so that you can
start earning the money you know you deserve; have more time to do what
you enjoy; spend less time stressing and obsessing… and more focused
time on top priorities at work, at home and personally.


Procrastination NO MORE Home Study Program!”


up every morning having direction and focus
of what needs
to be done in priority fashion.

less time and energy on “obsessive thinking”
of what you
need to be doing, but don’t get around to it.

more money
go into the bank in savings.

I’m going to help you identify what
is holding you back and help you learn new strategies
push through them.

Not only will you discover how to move through procrastination, but
you’ll also discover how
to live in The Miracle Field

Let Me Walk You Through The
Steps Needed 
Duplicate My Success In My

Procrastinate No More! Home Study Program

Here’s what you get:

  • Six mp3 audio lessons plus supporting handouts and homework
  • Bonus materials emailed directly to your inbox
  • Emails to keep you focused and motivated while you go through each lesson
  • Surprise bonuses throughout the six weeks

Plus a BONUS Laser Coaching Session with me (valued at $197)

What do you have to lose…
Lack of Energy? Tension? Anxiety?

you’ll focus on reaching your important priorities each week.

This is the first program that I’ve ever created for this price…most of
my programs are twenty times this… plus!

Just think! You won’t have to suffer the
self-sabotage created from procrastination ever again…when you feel
you’re slipping into the abyss of procrastination, you’ll have all the
entire program to refer back to!

“What’s My Investment in the
Procrastination NO MORE Home Study Program?”

The Procrastination NO
MORE! is only $997! But I am offering a one-time special for the “Entering the Clarity Zone” Telesummit participants.

All you have to do is enter the

coupon code – CLARITY –

at checkout and you will receive the full program for only $197.

The only thing that could possibly hold you back is you, definitely not
the money. There goes the money excuse!

Me Help You Turn Procrastination into Action…and Have a New Mantra:


assure you that what you’ll learn in my program is not taught anywhere
Nor is my success some kind of fluke that can’t be copied.


I live a very productive and balanced life and earn more profit working
twenty-five hours a week, most weeks…because…I have made a commitment
for a quality life working with purpose… on purpose and spending
quality time with myself, family, friends and clients!

One of
the big customer service pieces that my clients share with me and with
others is: “Ruth is accessible and has a wealth of creative ideas and
good information for you and your business/book.”

You can do the same…or…better if you’d like.

in mind, I’m going to share with you all the tips, strategies,
techniques, and secrets I use to live a simpler but interesting and
full life.

Click here to register

Here’s to You and Taking Action Today,

Ruth Klein

P.S. Remember to enter the coupon code – CLARITY – on the first registration screen to receive special $197 price!