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Brand & Pitch Book Camp


Everyday I see talented, but struggling writers and other professionals who are getting more frustrated and overwhelmed without reaching their goals.


Did you know that you can sell a winning book proposal to an agent or a publisher and THEN write the book once it’s bought and you have your advance in your hand?


Are you searching for ways to leverage your knowledge and expertise into residual income?

$997 $497

The Brand & Pitch Book Camp program will teach you step-by-step how to:


  • Create a following for your book before it is written
  • Transform your current knowledge and expertise into products that will on your website 24-7…even while you sleep, travel, or vacation!
  • Convert your time into an organized time system that allows you to spend quality time writing your winning book proposal and creating a strong platform while you continue to run your business.
  • Brand Your Book and Market Your Information while you maintain, double, or even *TRIPLE* your current income!


Also, to make this easy for you, I’ve included all of the materials you need to get started right away. Over the last seventeen years I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours figuring out this winning system.


The Brand and Pitch Book Camp system has enabled me to publish six books, become a best-selling author, be published in multiple languages, create residual income from other products such as CD’s and DVD’s, and enjoy the freedom this passive income creates in my lifestyle. One of my books has even become a PBS Special. I continue to use this system today and can teach you too!


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Procrastination No More!


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, authors and professionals, you feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do in a day…and, when it’s not done, things start to pile up. The emails keep coming; letters need to go out; you need to connect and reconnect with clients; you need to start something…and the list goes on. Trying to find the focus and organization to get through all the tasks of the day can lead to the dreaded procrastination.


$697 $297


Let me show you how to convert procrastination to action so that you can start earning the money you know you deserve; have more time to do what you enjoy; spend less time stressing and obsessing… and more focused time on top priorities at work, at home and personally.


Procrastination begets more procrastination and action begets more action!


The Procrastination No More! program will teach you step-by-step to:


  • take more action and let go of any sense of doubt or negative thinking
  • become a clear vessel of focus
  • accomplish your important priorities every week
  • earn more money
  • have less anxiety, stress and frustration in your day
  • enjoy more energy all day long
  • AND, it will teach you all this and more in just SIX WEEKS!


Stop self-sabotaging your success! The net result of procrastination is always self-sabotage and now, I am going to take you through the EXACT PROGRAM that I have created for myself that will help bust you into incredible action…. and also put you into A MIRACLE FIELD. You know… the place where you begin to flow!

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“Thank you for all your magnificence and the beautiful space you held for all of us in attendance. You hold a place that allows us to feel our worth, purpose and authority…this is what I experienced anyway. The reflection you gave me empowered me to trust the feelings and desire within me, that those feelings are worth following, even though they feel ordinary to me. You reflected to me, through your vision and clear passion, that what I want to do is very valuable, and that there is a market for it/me.”
Jonathan Beaudette

Thank you for all your help in developing our marketing plan. As a small business owner with limited resources, my firm desired to develop specific applications for the multi-billion dollar water treatment industry. With the help of 4GBranding, we created a marketing plan that entailed:
1) Defining and focusing on the company’s purpose and goals
2) Identify and develop literature for specific markets and products
3) Develop a plan to make my firm the technology leader in these specific areas
4) Develop marketing tools to increase my firm’s presence on the internet and printed media
The net results from our first meeting was increase in new clients contacting us from our website. We are averaging 2-3 inquiries per week. These inquiries are generating $3K to $5K per month in additional new sales and new clients. We love people call us and asking for our help and products. We are currently increasing our office staff to support this steady increase of sales activities.
Our marketing plan is in the early stages of implementation. However, based on the initial results, we estimate an 150% to 200% increase in gross profits for this coming year. We have a clear and definitive marketing plan that fits into our five year business model.
We look forward to working with your firm in the near future as we continue to refine our marketing plan.
Charles Jennings
General Manager
Jenfitch, LLC.

Ruth Klein is, “the Wayne Dyer of Branding, Marketing and the Human Spirit. Branding and Marketing is just your way of getting the other message out.”
Oreen Zeitlin

Ruth Klein, one of the most creative and professional brand & marketing experts I know, and I have worked together on various projects for several years. I was so delighted with the example she gave about using Facebook for her 4G Branding Summit when we co-presented at a major teleseminar conference with over 800 participants, that I asked if I could continue to use her Branding Summit as a case study of what could be achieved by a company using lots of ingenuity, a strong brand positioning and a little cash.
DreamSpinner Communications
Gail Martin
Dear Gail and Ruth,

On behalf of MarketingProfs, Kathy and I would like to thank you for your participation in the January Digital Marketing World Virtual Conference Series.
Your content was solid, informative and very well received. You had 901 people attend your session! You and FaceBook drew our highest audience turnout to date. Your presentation was much appreciated by both the attendees and staff. Just as requested, you provided the audience with great ideas and actionable food for thought in your session. We couldn’t be more pleased and truly appreciate your efforts. As evidenced in the Q & A chat, the audience felt the same, wanting more of your sound advice. Your chat was lively and I hope you enjoyed it! I will keep you both posted about an appropriate forum to address additional questions. We have never seen 100 questions submitted during a presentation.
Thank you for being so accommodating and working with us to meet our deadlines. It was a pleasure working with you both and I look forward to working with you again.
Your “I’m on FaceBook, Now What?” session was integral in the continued success of this educational series. Thank you for continuing the positive momentum!
Julie Pildner and Kathy Bushman

“Within 4 months of private brand coaching with Ruth, I launched my first program that made money.”
“Before coaching with Ruth in her Expert Celebrity Branding Program, I had been a very successful Certified Financial Planner, but I was now struggling with how to transition into a “financial coaching business”. I had been working hard and having some success with private coaching, but I was finding very difficult to describe what it was that I was now doing and I was losing my confidence.


It was Ruth’s innate ability to laser focus and help me get to the heart of my branding personality and message that created a seismic shift in my business and within 4 months, I created and launched my first program that made money. No other program or coach had done this for me.


As a result of her expert guidance and caring support, I was able to articulate clearly who I was here to serve. With a clear message, I received a phone call for my first radio show interview, which was followed by a speaking engagement to 400 business women business owners and flurry of media spots.


I am now doing what I love, having fun and enjoying success with a radio show with over 100,000 subscribers, a global community of Smart Women and changing lives. I now refer all my clients to Ruth for to help them shorten the time to getting known as an expert in their field. My advice for those thinking of working with Ruth is: don’t hesitate.


Katana Abbott, CFP®
Prosperity Coach and Founder